It's not business as usual

We've all been given the gift of time. And first we must take that time to regroup, rethink and allow ourselves the luxury of time to adjust to our new reality.

This is a time to build relationships for the future and offer real help and support. This is a time when small businesses are having to move their entire operation online in order to survive. This is where I can help. I do cybersecurity to keep you safe online.  I do GDPR with privacy policies for online trading. I do training to make it all seem within your grasp and entirely manageable.

Small Businesses: When you are ready to realign your business and take it fully online, I will help you. I'm offering two 1 hour sessions free of charge where I will advise on cybersecurity and trading safely online. I will advise you on data privacy for your customers and data protection (GDPR) for your business. This includes practical how to guides, and access to resources and tools which will enable you to get set up at low cost. I will help you get set up so you can survive, and hopefully thrive.

Larger Businesses: If your income has not been affected by Covid-19, I will charge you my regular rates and use this to fund the pro-bono work I do helping small businesses to adapt and continue. Supporting small businesses is how we keep the economy moving. Now is the best time to tick GDPR off your list and it can all be done working together online. Other services I provide are my "How to Phish" interactive cybersecurity training sessions. These are great team building activities when your team is remote.

Stay safe, stay well.

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"We've all been given the gift of time".

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Data Protection is everyone's problem
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We approach GDPR by focussing on protecting your business. If you begin with cybersecurity, GDPR naturally follows.  Regardless of size every business needs to protect themselves from ransomware attacks and data breaches. We follow what's happening in the cyber security world so we can provide you with practical solutions that you can put in place to protect your business and your data.

When you engage with GDPR the aim is to protect your key business assets like your client lists and your website or social media followers. Most data breach incidents are down to people, processes and inadequate policies. These frequently involve internal users making mistakes, including the incorrect disclosure of data. We remedy this through our excellent training; by translating the regulations into something understandable; and providing solutions proportionate to your risk.

People influence security more than technology or policy, and cybercriminals know how to exploit human behaviors. Security and risk management leaders should invest in tools that increase awareness and influence behavior that supports security business objectives through computer-based training.—Gartner Report, 2019

What we do

GDPR Audits
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Cyber Security Awareness
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A 'one bite at a time' approach to to GDPR and Security Awareness for SME's.

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News and Stories

Remote Work Policies and Cybersecurity - what should you be doing?
Mar 10, 2020

With remote working a viable option for reducing the spread of Covid-19, what should employers consider? Having a remote working policy in place is your first step. Put in place clear guidelines setting out your expectations and best practices to follow. Top-of-mind should be cybersecurity. Your team may be accessing the corporate network and bear in mind there will be less stringent controls in place to protect your data. We set out what to consider and how to stay safe when working from home or remotely.

COVID-19 and Data Protection in the workplace
Mar 10, 2020

As employers, you may have questions and concerns about data protection and how it relates to managing COVID-19 in your workplace. The Data Protection Commission has released some helpful guidance for you. Typical questions include whether you can disclose information about employees to their colleagues, and what questions you can ask of visitors to your premises.

How to build a cyber-aware workforce
Feb 10, 2020

Create a cyber aware workforce with security awareness training. Fear is counterproductive, empowerment works better. We educate through personal, interactive sessions bringing the user onboard by explaining the 'why' behind cybercrime. Key is having the knowledge to act and become part of the solution, not the problem. Download our free security awareness questionnaire to see how cyber aware your team is.

" EAS contracted an excellent individual to review our data security, manuals and procedures, and GDPR compliance. The project has been very successful, our systems were all given excellent reviews but of course with various suggestions for improvements and best practice in regards actual data security, which we are implementing. So the value add has been worth all the money spent on it."

— Raaji Singh Bharij
CEO, Adventures Expeditions & Safaris  (EAS)

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