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At Data Influence our super power is interpreting GDPR and Cybersecurity. We make the complex feel simple, and we get the job done.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, small business owner or a multi-team organisation, we will help you get your GDPR in order and build CyberSecurity into your business. Its called peace of mind.


GDPR and CyberSecurity

We train people to think instinctively. Engage your team with GDPR and security awareness training that is tailored to the audience. We teach through the powerful art of storytelling.

We specialise in 121 training in GDPR and Cybersecurity for business owners.
Simply GDPR
If you are processing or storing customer and employee data you're obligated to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

To do your GDPR it requires auditing and a good deal of documentation. We  walk you through the steps, providing practical advice and solutions.
Cybersecurity Audits
Review your website security, social media account settings and clean up your digital footprint.

Book a cybersecurity audit — a systematic process that takes you through all the steps towards editing and cleaning up your personal and business digital presence, making you safer online.
" We contracted Andrea to review our data security, manuals and procedures, and GDPR compliance. The project has been very successful, our systems were all given excellent reviews but of course with various suggestions for improvements and best practice in regards actual data security, which we are implementing. So the value add has been worth all the money spent on it."

— Raaji Singh Bharij
CEO, Adventures Expeditions & Safaris  (EAS)


News and Advice

How to do cookies the GDPR way
Aug 17, 2020

The Data Protection Commission has issued a warning that from October website owners will no longer get away with offering a banner that says "OK" to all cookies. We set out the three essential steps you need to take to make sure your cookies are done right.

Cybersecurity. You're fine until you're not.
Aug 14, 2020

We're all optimists by nature and we're all busy. This doesn't bode well for dealing with our cybersecurity. With 43% of all cybercrime aimed at small business, I've been working on a solution that gives small businesses a piece of the cybersecurity pie. And it's based on my 'just one thing' principle which does away with the overwhelm and the fear factor.

The WhatsApp Scam you need to know about
Aug 7, 2020

The WhatsApp Hijacking scam is doing the rounds again. Here's everything you need to know and to protect yourself. Social Engineering is designed to trick us into handing information over - the best way to protect yourself is to make sure security settings look after you when your guard might be down.

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