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Drawing on an extensive career in Information Systems and Marketing, Andrea Manning brings a fresh approach to Data Protection and Cybersecurity. Andrea is a true influencer— translating the technical and legal into the understandable. She blends Cybersecurity into GDPR and brings everyone on board through the powerful art of storytelling.

Whether its a small business, a tech start up or a global travel company, her practical experience and positive approach makes implementing data protection and security into any organisation feel effortless.

Andrea is currently on the Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers accelerator program developing CyberPie; a startup that productises security awareness training for the SMB. Her aim: to give everyone in the supply chain a piece of the cybersecurity pie. Check it out here and sign up for early access and updates.

We all have story to tell; listen to Andrea's podcast On Your Terms here.

Associate, Philipa Jane Farley of Pro Privacy, is a highly qualified, and deeply experienced, business advisor. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Artificial Intelligence Programming and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree her technical and legal expertise is like having a lawyer in your pocket.

Andrea Manning

Andrea is a pleasure to work with and one will quickly share her enthusiasm for GDPR compliance. She made the whole experience more approachable and gave us confidence that we were doing the right thing.

Her easy to follow training materials keep data protection at the heart of our operations.

Gosia FitzGerald, CFO & HR

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