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GDPR and CyberSecurity

Discovery Consult
Not sure where to begin? Concerned about the costs and whether you have the resources to manage your own GDPR?

Book a 15 minute consult call. We'll answer any GDPR queries you have and help you put a plan in place to tackle your GDPR.

Simply GDPR
Ideal for small businesses with a website.

- Initial discovery consult
- Essential policies and procedures
- Privacy Policy for website
- Report with recommendations
- GDPR training
- Cybersecurity recommendations
- Project wrap-up call

Full GDPR Audit with Training
Multiple areas of the business need to comply with GDPR.

- Full audit
- Data protection and Privacy policy
- Internal policies and procedures pack
- Report with recommendations and action plan
- Onsite GDPR  & Security Awareness Training for your whole team.

Drop us a a line if you want to chat about having us speaking at events or in-house programs.

Data Influence is all about being influential and changing negative perceptions about GDPR and Data Protection to positive ones.
Our commitment is to keep it human, give practical advice and deliver effective solutions that deliver value.

Build solid foundations and data protection goes from being a chore to an area of your business that reaps rewards.
Cybersecurity Training
Small businesses are the least likely to recover from a cybercrime and are incredibly vulnerable. When it comes to trading safely online, awareness training is your greatest line of defence. Training that is personalised and relevant to your business, is the best investment you can make.
GDPR & Cybersecurity for Small Businesses
We begin by looking at where you're Visible and where you're Vulnerable.

GDPR has three layers— the processes and procedures to achieve compliance, the policies and documentation to demonstrate compliance and then the journey towards maturity where data protection is baked into your organisation at every level.

Gain peace of mind by being compliant. If you are processing or storing customer and employee data you're obligated to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. There is no simple way to achieve compliance, it is often manual, however it can be made simpler with professional help and tools. We will walk you through the steps, providing practical advice and solutions, towards being compliant.

Often the hardest part is knowing where you should start. There is no silver bullet. First, you need to establish what data you're storing, where its been stored and who you're sharing it with. The next phase is to create a simple inventory of all your policy statements and provisions so you can triage what needs doing in order of importance. Think of it as the Must Haves and Should Haves. Once you’ve completed this you’ll have a better understanding of where you are on your compliance journey and your objectives and can start to implement it into your business.

Andrea's approach to data protection hit just the right note for a small business. The team training was a huge added value. We never expected to like GDPR yet now we do....that's data influence!

— Margaret FitzPatrick, Managing Director
Training Matters

Find the value in Data Protection
The most valuable asset in your business is your people.
Next is your data.
Protecting your data makes good business sense.
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