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Remote Work Policies and Cybersecurity - what should you be doing?
With remote working a viable option for reducing the spread of Covid-19, what should employers consider? Having a remote working policy in place is your first step. Put in place clear guidelines setting out your expectations and best practices to follow. Top-of-mind should be cybersecurity. Your team may be accessing the corporate network and bear in mind there will be less stringent controls in place to protect your data. We set out what to consider and how to stay safe when working from home or remotely.
March 10, 2020
COVID-19 and Data Protection in the workplace
As employers, you may have questions and concerns about data protection and how it relates to managing COVID-19 in your workplace. The Data Protection Commission has released some helpful guidance for you. Typical questions include whether you can disclose information about employees to their colleagues, and what questions you can ask of visitors to your premises.
March 10, 2020
How to build a cyber-aware workforce
Create a cyber aware workforce with security awareness training. Fear is counterproductive, empowerment works better. We educate through personal, interactive sessions bringing the user onboard by explaining the 'why' behind cybercrime. Key is having the knowledge to act and become part of the solution, not the problem. Download our free security awareness questionnaire to see how cyber aware your team is.
February 10, 2020
Ikea reimagines the Privacy Policy
Barbara Martin Coppola, Chief Digital Officer for Ingka Group explains the steps to embed data ethics into everything they do in a simple and transparent way. Ikea puts the customer in control of their data with an interactive privacy policy that's rooted in good UX design. Is this the future of data privacy and privacy policies?
February 7, 2020
Help, I Need a Privacy Policy
Why do I need a Privacy Policy for my website? Can I copy someone else's privacy policy? How do I make a privacy policy? I don't have a website, why do I need one? Find out why your Privacy Policy is such an essential document, especially if you're a small business.
January 30, 2020
GDPR - its never too late to start
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. If GDPR is still on your list of 'to do's', fear not —we've got you and its never too late to start. Take it 'one bite at a time'. Start with where you're visible and where you're vulnerable. With an increase in security breaches and ransomware attacks, customers and website visitors are now much more aware of GDPR and with it, their rights to data privacy. Don't get caught out.
January 25, 2020
Not another GDPR Expert #Jeesh
Allow me to share my Twitter tale with you. The website was finally ready to go live so I announced I was officially in business. The 140 character limit didn't give me space to talk about the clients that came before the website. But there's always one, especially on Twitter....
January 21, 2020
Ransomware and what you should be doing
Travelex are just the most recent high profile victims but Ransomeware is a growing trend and everyone is vulnerable.All it takes is someone clicking a link in a spam email or activating macros in a malicious document without having proper security software in place.In a few seconds, all your data will be encrypted and you'll have just a few days to pay a ransom in bitcoin to get it back. And there's no guarantee you will.
January 15, 2020
Cyber Security: 10 things you can do today
Cyber Security: 10 things you can do today that will make a difference. 1. Password Manager - The vegetables of the internet - you know they're good for you and you should use one but....Installing a password manager is the single thing you can do that will have the most impact when it comes to security. Manage your movers and leavers. Stop the same password being used in multiple places. Get rid of that excel spreadsheet that has all your passwords written down. Instantly you're more secure.
February 21, 2019
Why Data Protection is Everyone's Problem
At the heart of data protection is ethics, sound business practice and accountability. If it doesn't feel right, chances are it isn't. Reducing the volume of data you store, the less at risk you are and the more targeted and efficient your marketing can be. How many people have an email box of sent items they mean to clear out?
February 21, 2019
The 3 Pillars of Data
The first two pillars —Know your Data and Protect your Data — cover the fundamentals of GDPR. The third pillar— Love your Data— is your reward at the end. The size of the reward is up to and will depend on how far you want to venture into Business Intelligence. My recommendation, give it a try. Once you realise how powerful your data is the rewards are infinite.
February 21, 2019
Find the value in Data Protection
The most valuable asset in your business is your people.
Next is your data.
Protecting your data makes good business sense.
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Andrea's approach to data protection hit just the right note for a small business. The team training was a huge added value. We never expected to like GDPR yet now we do....that's data influence!

— Margaret FitzPatrick, Managing Director
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