How to build a cyber-aware workforce

February 10, 2020

Half of all cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses.

A cyber-aware workforce will be your greatest asset in the fight against ransomware and malicious attacks. And training is how you do it. Security awareness training needs to  educate and inspire your employees to help keep your organization secure.

The link between data protection and  security awareness training cannot be emphasised enough. Its also the area where investing your resources has the highest return.

Fear is counter productive, empowerment works better

The security awareness training we do at Data Influence begins with the why.  Looking at how stolen credential are posted for sale on the dark web. The sheer number of videos available on YouTube that teach how to hack passwords using a simple dictionary program. Finding out what credential stuffing really means. At this point everyone  is intrigued; this is really interesting stuff. Indeed the first part of our training is more like an episode of Black Miirror on Netflix.

The natural progression then is realising why passwords need to be secure, what the implications are of having the same password across multiple accounts, and how vulnerable you really are. This creates an intrinsic motivation in the trainee to address any security gaps themselves. Knowledge really is power, and we give your employees the knowledge they need so they feel like they can be a part of the solution — not part of the problem.

Celebrate the Wins

We are all social beings and we frequently look to each other for clues on how we should behave. This is particularly true when we don’t know what to do in a situation. We build the psychological phenomenon of social proof into our security training and awareness programs and inspire companies to celebrate those that report phishing emails, or elevate their password health score, or propose new security initiatives. Don't focus on those who don’t but rather invite everyone else to join in protecting the organization.

Download our Cyber Aware and Security Aware team questionnaires and see where your organisation sits today.

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