Not another GDPR Expert #Jeesh

January 21, 2020

Twitter can be a cruel place

Allow me to share my Twitter tale with you. The website was finally ready to go live so I announced I was officially in business. The 140 character limit didn't give me space to talk about the clients that came before the website. But there's always one, especially on Twitter.

"Not another GDPR expert #Jeesh".

Bubble burst, thank you.

Mr Bubble Burster1966 , I actually agree with you. But there's always space for a job well done, and we each put our own unique spin on it.

My spin is that I understand SMEs. I know they don't have a Cyber department or even an IT department. I know they're resource strapped and GDPR is just a pain. I know they don't want a consultant who comes in and presents them with  a to do list and the bill.

What a small business wants is someone to come in, understand their business and say, "I've got this".

In true coffee shop style, the GDPR services Data Influence offers come in small, medium or large. In this case its:

  • DIY working form the audit, with all the tools and documentation provided
  • Full hand holding, working together from the outset to completion
  • Hands free - hand it over to the experts and get on with the business of business

Here's where the added value of a GDPR audit comes in, and the benefit to businesses that Data Influence brings. We go through all your info and cyber security looking at:

  • What systems are in place for back ups and an incident plan so Ransomware doesn't close the company down
  • Email encryption and procedures for sending data securely so its not intercepted and bank details changed
  • Password Managers and policy to prevent avoidable security breaches
  • Innovative training for everyone in the organisation

According to current research, human error is one of the top three causes of data breaches - preceded only by malicious or criminal attacks. 

“To prevent ransomware infections, employees need to be educated on the ransomware threat.” —The Ponemon Institute

A GDPR 'expert' is not just a supplier, but rather a collaborative partner. If you're in the market, seek out a company that engages in a consultative approach and will really take the time to understand your unique situation. The right partner has the experience and the subject matter expertise to help you plan and execute a GDPR program that is designed specifically for your organisation.

With love and kindness,

Not another GDPR expert ;)

Helping small businesses in Galway navigate GDPR.

Data Influence blogs and stories are provided for information only, not legal advice. Always consult your lawyer on legal matters.

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