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Security Awareness Training & GDPR consulting

We live in a world of increasingly sophisticated hackers and adversaries, out to steal data from people and companies for profit, knowledge or disruption. Your best line of defence is your staff and ongoing training and awareness is key.

Cyber Security questionnaire

Cyber Aware

Download 10 quick questions to survey your team to assess how Cyber Aware your business is today.

Security Aware

Download 10 quick questions to survey your team to assess how Security Aware your business is today.

Word Search

Download a fun, team building activity to create a positive culture of security awareness  in your team.

Cyber Security questionnaire

Zoom for Parents

Download an advice sheet to give to parents. Teaching children online? We've put together all the advice on our blog.

Trading Online Guide

PDF Guide

Everything (okay, not quite) you need to know about Privacy Policies and GDPR for websites.
Download the pdf version or ask us to email you our handy Trading Online Guide.

Drop us a line if you'd like to talk training and see how we can personalise resources like these for your team. We can help you analyse the responses to the questionnaires and advise on what training is required.

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" We contracted Andrea to review our data security, manuals and procedures, and GDPR compliance. The project has been very successful, our systems were all given excellent reviews but of course with various suggestions for improvements and best practice in regards actual data security, which we are implementing. So the value add has been worth all the money spent on it."

— Raaji Singh Bharij
CEO, Adventures Expeditions & Safaris  (EAS)