A Tool to Measure Compliance

Where are you on your compliance journey, and how do you communicate it within your organisation or to suppliers and customers?

Serity is an online, self-check data protection audit platform designed by lawyers, computer scientists and specialist consultants.

Serity is a simple to use app thats been designed to  help you identify, understand and fix the gaps in your GDPR programme. Serity's comprehensive report give you a compliance score, triages what needs doing in order of importance and gives you the fixes based on industry best practice.  Post your Compliance Statement on your website and share it with your customers and supply chain.

A valuable tool for any organisation Serity promotes continuous improvement and GDPR compliance maturity. A visual picture of where you're at is the best tool to get company wide buy-in.

Data Influence uses Serity to carry out our audits. We can also set you up with your own in-house version to measure and and manage your data protection journey.

If you're serious about GDPR, we’d love to show you more about how Serity can streamline your GDPR maturity journey.
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— Margaret FitzPatrick, Managing Director
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